I have to start somewhere!

I’ve been thinking about how I want to re-do the new house, but I haven’t come up with a distinct plan just yet.  The only room that I have thought about in much detail is the guest room, of all things!  I want it to be pretty, cottage-y, and (importantly) inexpensive.  Here is a mood board that I put together on Olioboard using a lot of things we already own.  The little picture in the corner is the picture from the listing and shows how the room looks now.

OB-Guest Room 1It’s pretty rough (I’m a bit technologically-challenged), but I think you get the picture.  The placement of furniture is random and not how I would put it in the room!

The bedding is from Martha Stewart and it’s called Cape Flowers.  My mom bought it and then didn’t end up using it, so she gave it to me.  Free bedding for the win!  The brown-black bureau is a Hemnes bureau from Ikea ($149), and we have it in our apartment right now in a spare room.  The side tables are similar to the side tables we have in our current bedroom (from Christmas Tree Shop years ago…), and I’m planning on painting them black and moving them into this guest room.

We are getting a hand-me-down queen bed and mattress from my in-laws.  I am planning on painting the bed black.  What else?  Oh – the walls.  I really like the color of walls in the Cape Flowers ad, and it’s kind of an aqua-y bluish grey.  I’ve heard about a good color called “Sea Salt” by Sherwin Williams, and I think it might work in this room.  We’ll see!

If I’ve planned correctly, the only things I’ll need to buy are an area rug (I’m thinking sea grass?), lamps (white or wall-mounted…or both!), window treatments (bamboo blinds and white curtains), a ceiling fan, a chair (thrifted, if I have my way!), and a few accessories.  Not too bad!

Is it wrong to start redecorating a new house in a guest room?  It’s probably not the most logical choice, but I have to start somewhere!  What room did you start your home re-do in?


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