Lighter and brighter hallway update.

I thought I’d share this not-very-exciting but glad-it’s-painted downstairs hallway update:




I painted the walls (Behr – Heavy Cream) and trim (Clark and Kensington – Silent White) and took down the old oak-colored doorbell cover and painted it white to match the trim (yay for free updates!).  We still need to get a new ceiling light, change out the light switch from cream to white, do something about the doors (probably paint them white to match the trim), and add a rug and some accessories.  So, we still have a long way to go!  But at least it’s lighter and brighter, and that makes me one happy girl 🙂

PS – Holly isn’t actually allowed in the basement, so we keep the cat door locked (it came with the house).  That doesn’t stop her from using it as a cat window, though!  It’s a little alarming to see two big yellow eyes staring at you when you walk up the stairs!


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