Adventures in Tiling

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures of our kitchen back splash update for way too long now.  A few weeks back, we spent the weekend teaching ourselves how to tile and attacking a new project.  I’ve always loved the clean look of white subway tile, and (bonus!) we found out it’s insanely cheap.  Like $17.40/10 square feet cheap, and we only needed about 15 square feet for our small area.  The supplies we needed to complete the project (mortar, grout, sealant, etc.) were actually a much larger part of the cost.  I’m not exactly sure how much the whole project cost us, but I know it was well under $100 (probably closer to $60) and only took a weekend of our time.  Awesome!

First, here are some before shots:

DSC_0004 DSC_0003 DSC_0001

We organized our supplies and got started:

DSC_0008 DSC_0007 DSC_0009

There was a bit of a learning curve, but once we figured out our system things moved along pretty quickly.  I did most of the mortaring (is that a word?) and tile-placing, and the husband cut tiles for the small spaces where full tiles wouldn’t fit.

After a Saturday and Sunday of tiling, we were left with this!

DSC_0216-001 DSC_0217-001 DSC_0215 DSC_0210-001 DSC_0209 DSC_0207 DSC_0206

We still have a ways to go before I’d consider this kitchen done.  When we bought the house it was missing the cabinet doors above the stove and to the left of the stove (no idea why…) so we need to figure out a solution to that which might mean calling a cabinet-maker.  We aren’t really sure what to do at the moment, but it’s absolutely on our list.  I’d love to get a stainless dishwasher and a stainless gas stove as well, but that’s not going to happen while these two are still in fine working order!

I guess it’s easy to always see the things we’d still like to accomplish.  However, the back splash was a big step in the right direction and I really love how much more finished it looks now.  What do you think?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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